Trip Hazard Removal

Specialised trip hazard removal by CMS

CMS offers you a complete end-to-end solution to all your trip hazard removal requirements in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

Using our specifically designed system, we provide you with a comprehensive assessment of any and all potential trip, slip and fall hazards. This information is compiled of photographs of the affected area, a location map, a risk rating, realistic repair schedule and a recommended method for repair or removal of the hazard. And can be carried out on a scheduled or intermittent basis.

Councils, businesses and residential owners are now being held legally responsible for any trip, slip or fall hazard that through disrepair causes an injury. It is now, more than ever, your responsibility to ensure that there are no trip, slip or fall hazards in your business and public space environments. If you don’t monitor and maintain these spaces you could find yourself and your business tied up in unpleasant legal proceedings.

The cost of hazard repair is definitely easier on the hip pocket than legal representation fees.

Allow the experienced team at CMS to help you manage your ongoing trip hazard maintenance, using the most time and cost effective methods, we can monitor, report and repair your uneven surfaces and negate the chances of a costly accident before one happens.

Some of the potential trip hazards we can identify are:

  • Deteriorated concrete
  • Raised concrete edges such as pathways and driveway entrances
  • Raised paving
  • Missing and damaged pavers
  • Damaged or missing concrete
  • Damaged or missing tactiles

Tactile systems are subject to regulation under Australian Standards and must be maintained to comply with these standards. CMS will do a comprehensive report and advise you if the area has an immediate need for repair of the trip hazard or if an area requires reassessment at a later date.

In this day and age you can never be too careful with the maintenance of your public space areas and removal of these trip hazards has never been more important than it is today. CMS are an experienced team who can service all of your hazard diagnostics and repair requirements.

As part of this service we will also advise you of any graffiti removal requirements that you may have and of any visible marking or staining on your concrete and decorative surfaces. We can also remove the graffiti and marks for you.

Our work is all 100% guaranteed and we pride ourselves on having the highest quality workmanship.

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