Pressure Cleaning

Professional pressure washer services from CMS

Pressure Cleaning Services of CMS

Clean Management Solutions (CMS) is your professional cleaning partner around Australia, providing you high-pressure cleaning services for both your domestic and commercial property needs. Founded in the year 2006, CMS has many years of working experience, providing quality pressure washing and cleaning service in Queensland and surrounding areas.

Be it your paving, sidewalks, walls, windows, floors, roofs, car parks, petrol stations, council property, or multi-story buildings cleaning; CMS has you sorted. The professional service of cleaning these public assets and spaces comes at an unbelievably fair rate.


Pressure Washing & Cleaning service Queensland

CMS has been a market leader in the provision and innovation of cleaning services in Queensland since its inception in 2006. The company, which services Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, has made several eco-friendly innovations that have revolutionized the cleaning services and set it apart from other service providers.

  • In the year 2008, CMS had one of their greatest cleaning technology innovations, CMS8000. With the idea born from the realization of the challenge that water shortage posed to high-pressure cleaning. The system combined the steam tanker (custom built) and the LadderFREE system.

CMS8000 had a water conservation benefit, as its vacuum system recaptured overflow, with a 98% success rate. The system’s 250M lead hose allows crews to work large areas without having to refill too often and is also a safe alternative when working in high areas.

  • The innovation of a fully electric and silenced ECO68 steam cleaner in the year 2011 has become quite popular in the cleaning industry. ECO68 offers an environmentally friendly cleaning service with onsite mobility, without the use of harmful chemicals, and noise pollution. The system also has a low fuel consumption rate, with onsite mobility, which significantly lowers crew fatigue.


3 Major Cleaning Management Solutions in Queensland

  1. Pressure cleaning Gold Coast- CMS has been providing cleaning services of Gold Coast’s city Centre’s hard surfaces and streets, which is a local government area, on ongoing basis and post events.
  2. Pressure cleaning Brisbane– CMS won the Arts Precinct Restoration Project in Brisbane, for the restoration, sealing, and wash-downs of Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s exterior, the State Library, and the Queensland Museum. Current safety systems audit, safe access ladders installation, and the fall arrest systems were also included in the government project.
  3. Pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast-Here, CMS is contracted to manage and deliver cleaning services to gardens and parks for Amenity assets and BBQ. The use of water conservative measures like the ECO68 comes in handy.


Other Services Provided by CMS


CMS has since expanded its services in the quest to meet the demands of its client base. Some of the other services offered besides Clean Management Solutions include:

  • Integrated Property Services
  • Industrial Restoration Services
  • Facility Management

CMS has some of the most advanced systems, techniques, and cleaning systems to meet your property management and business maintenance needs. This, together with their proven excellence culture, makes them a preferred choice for commercial, industrial, and government entities in Australia.

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