Ladderfree High Access Cleaning System By CMS

Aug 26, 2015 | Maintenance

CMS’s LadderFREE System was one of the companies’ premier introductions into the Australian facility maintenance market.

The LadderFREE brand at its core was our founding European partners manufacturing business. CMS launched this safe high access cleaning system into the Australian market in late 2005.

This system is, today as much as it was back then, our flagship solution to working safe at heights. The LadderFREE system allows workers to clean multiple surfaces up to 5 storeys high from the safety of the ground. The carbon fibre telescopic poles are super lightweight and durable.

This system is currently being used at the Brisbane Airport for its Windows, Alucobond panels, architectural sunshades and structure cleaning applications.

As an added benefit the system not only keeps our workers off dangerous ladders at height, but also uses one tenth of the water of an average pressure cleaner and there is no fuel, carbon or noise pollution.

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