Infrastructure Services

Professional Infrastructure services from CMS


Clean Management Solutions offers a variety of professional infrastructure services developed to ensure that public spaces and assets are cleaned to the highest standard using industry leading equipment.

High Access Maintenance

Carrying out high maintenance can be a major safety and financial risk to any client or maintenance program. 

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Restricted & Speciality Access

As with High maintenance risks, restricted access or dangerous access tasks are a part of a heightened risk management process.

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Structural Glass Maintenance

Structural glass unlike other building materials needs to be understood and treated with respect.

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Hard Surface Maintenance

CMS has a fleet of specialised vehicle and truck mount systems as part of a stand alone dedicated maintenance division.

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Floor Maintenance

All buildings have a selection of flooring and CMS has a comprehensive service covering all flooring care and installation types. 

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Mould Remediation

The remediation of mould is more then just cleaning of what you see. The mould remediation service is a comprehensive…

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Air Duct Maintenance 

As part of CMS’ mould remediation service, CMS carries out audits, repairs, scheduled cleaning and mould remediation activities.

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Grafitti Removal 

CMS specialises in city wide removal of Graffiti for the state government and local councils.

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Safety & Line Marking Systems

Safety systems and line marking are CMS’ most recent service attachment. Slip testing, Safety lines, Tactiles and Stair nosing…

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HAZMAT Services

CMS has one speciality crew that is licensed and experienced to carry out HAZMAT related services. 

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Environmental Services

CMS is proud of its innovations in the environmental sustainability category. In 2010, CMS launched the CMS68.

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