CMS offers a variety of professional and fully tailored council services, developed to ensure that assets are maintained to the highest standard using industry leading equipment.

Our specialties lie in the delivery of responsive, conclusive asset services. We strive to provide all-inclusive management and on-going services offered to the major facility and asset sector.

Our core services include:

Hazard identification audits

Open space audits to identify areas of increased risk for people in walkways, footpaths, and public areas.

Open space cleaning and maintenance

We offer a variety of services developed to ensure public open spaces are clean, safe, and always maintained.

Pavement steam cleaning

Using our specialised silenced mobile unit CMS can perform steam and pressure cleaning with minimal disruption to the public and business stakeholders.

Footpath maintenance

Repairing cracked concrete, uneven surfaces, and footpaths that have been overgrown by plants or trees, and potholes.

BBQ and amenity cleaning

Scheduled cleaning and maintenance to these public assets ensure the public are safe and can fully use these community areas.

Scheduled asset cleaning

Cleaning of public structure assets including bollards, furniture, balustrading, bin surrounds, awnings and other open space fittings ensures maintenance is identified early and the asset is kept optimised during its lifespan.

Post event cleaning

Special event cleaning is a collaborative activity to enable fast return of open spaces and ensure the community areas are returned to pristine condition as soon as possible.

Bus and tram stop cleaning

Transport infrastructure cleaning is a unique and fast paced environment of which CMS has developed since 2012. This dedicated team has a system unique to CMS where cleaning and minor maintenance can be carried out from a small service unit coupled with a mobile scouting unit for the outer areas. This unit is particularly effective on our tighter spaces and higher volume of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Gum, banner, sticker and poster removal

We remove all foreign objects from walls, poles, light fixtures, public furniture, telephone systems and electrical boxes.

Graffiti removal

We offer graffiti removal using several different methods, as well as protective coating services designed to reduce the cost of future graffiti removal.

Environmental services

We offer a full range of environmental services responding to all forms of environmental emergencies from contamination spills to mould remediation.


Roads and drainage services

Using our purpose-built equipment and customised services we carry out maintenance on roads and drains in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Council property services

We deliver a full range of all-inclusive property services including pest control, carpet cleaning, waste management and grounds maintenance.

Waste services

Including placement of public space bins, sanitising of enclosures and bin washing services from 120L – 1,100L.

Boat ramp maintenance

Purpose built equipment with the environment in mind, we’re leading the industry with recycled sea water to clean and maintain boat ramps for public space safety.

Full vacuum recovery and waste removal

Industrial vacuum systems to assist in spill response, degreasing and chemical washes. 

Traffic control services

Traffic management plan design and implementation services for small infrastructure and roadway works. Retrofit vehicles designed to put safety first.