We have a multitude of services designed to service and support open space designers, architects, landscapers, construction companies and developers to provide industry leading service including:

Concrete repairing

Not only does cracked, broken and missing concrete look unsightly, it’s also dangerous and poses a potential trip hazard for which you may be held responsible.

Concrete resurfacing

CMS provides a great solution to refresh and reinvigorate your existing facility and public space environments, with specialised resurfacing tools.

Concrete sealing

Concrete may seem like a tough and easy-care product and the reality is that it can be. However, for this to be the case correct installation is key.

Concrete furniture

Fully custom and tailored to your needs

Concrete honing and polishing

Concrete polishing is an increasingly popular flooring choice which is defined as concrete that has been treated and ground to leave a smooth, polished surface.

Decorative etching, colouring, stenciling, and sculpting

We can transform concrete surfaces with etching, stenciling and colouring.

Industrial floors

We offer a full range of flooring preparation and installation options ranging from internal open spaces to industrial applications. 

Line marking

We provide a complete range of safety systems and line marking services for large and small areas.

Life cycle maintenance program

We offer a full range of asset lifecycle solutions, collaborating with developers and construction companies to develop ongoing audit and maintenance solutions of newly built assets.


Open space and hardscape construction

The specialised team at CMS constructions is well versed in providing support for the installation of open space hardscape assets throughout Australia.

Sealers and coatings

We offer a full range of sealers, coatings, and maintenance solutions for council, landscape, construction, and industrial sectors.