Our strength lies in the delivery of responsive, conclusive asset services. We strive to provide all-inclusive management and on-going services offered to the major facility and asset sector. Our core services are divided into four disciplines:

Property and Asset Services

We deliver a full range of all-inclusive property services including:

Building and amenity services: cleaning carpets, open spaces, open spaces, and in/external windows.

  • Safe asset auditing and annual certification of building’s safe work infrastructure and hard surfaces; fall arrest systems, static lines, anchor points, safe access systems and slip testing.
  • Pest management services: integrated pest management programs including static pest traps, installation of electronic pest management systems, pest situation auditing and removal of pest carcasses or dangerous animals.
  • Waste management and audit performance of third-party waste contractors, coordination of refuse and recycling pick-ups and completion of waste management audits.
  • Grounds management: providing solutions such as turf and lawn maintenance, water system management, arboriculture work, landscape design and construction and horticulture spraying services.
  • Carpet cleaning to effectively remove all soil and grime from carpets and rugs without the use of harmful chemicals via deep steam and dry-cleaning options.
  • Consumable supply services to ensure a constant stock of all building-related cleaning and sanitary chemicals, as well as paper consumables, sanitary systems, and dispensing hardware.


Industrial floors and coatings

We offer a full range of flooring preparation and installation options ranging from internal open spaces to industrial applications including:

  • Line-marking and removal
  • Tile and grout removal
  • Abrasive blasting and floor leveling
  • Slip testing and non-slip solutions
  • Seamless flooring
  • Epoxy flooring installation
  • Rubber base car park flooring installation
  • Industrial carpet and vinyl installation
  • Floor finishes: honing and polishing
  • Tiling
  • Terrazzo and Terrazite installation
  • Decorative marble and granite

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning and maintenance options including:

  •  Industrial pressure and steam cleaning of multi-story and exterior surfaces, such as car parks, pavements, walls, and roofs via our customised steam cleaning unit which conserves up to 60 per cent more water than conventional pressure cleaning and provides a safer environment for workers at heights
  • Graffiti removal from all surface types and structures including heritage listed assets.
  • Hazmat services including contaminated space sanitisation, cleaning with acids, hydrophobic etching compounds, restricted access spaces and disaster or crime scene clean-ups
  • High access services including auditing of structures, elevated work platform or abseiling access to carrying out maintenance.
  • Air duct cleaning of commercial air ducts to remove pollutants such as dust mite waste, mould, animal dander and tobacco smoke to keep clients’ indoor air clean and fresh.
  • Public space maintenance including pathways, park furniture, outdoor lighting, irrigation and drainage systems, fountains and water features and monuments: safety auditing, construction, and project management.
  • General maintenance including fittings and fixtures, plastering, touch ups, carpentry, repairs and much more.
  • Painting for all surfaces including internal and external walls, roofs, gutters, fixtures, and playground equipment.
  • Lock and door repairs including fitting of new or damaged locks and hanging of new doors 

Restoration services

We are equipped to maintain and restore property in the event of any emergency, or scheduled service to ensure continued safety and quality of public spaces. Services include:

  •  Flood disaster support and restoration to extract high volumes of water from any affected areas, provide dehumidification and structural drying services to remove any lingering moisture, and water damage restoration to recover documents, devices and other valuables affected by inundation.
  • Mould restoration to remove mould and mildew which can cause a variety of negative health effects. Additionally, CMS is equipped to treat the affected areas to prevent any mould from returning.
  • Public area hazard audits increase safety through the identification of street scape hazards. Services include application of non-slip resurfacing; installation of directional tactile indicators and removal of any property trip hazards.
  • Concrete surface restoration to repair, hone and polish concrete flooring, as well as sealing to increase the durability of concrete surfaces, and decorative resurfacing services to create any flooring look desired.
  • Graffiti removal from all surface types and structures including heritage listed assets.