Green Initiatives

Caring for the future of our environment at CMS


At CMS we have invested heavily into systems, branding and technology. Our mission is to lead the industry in the development of new and greener echnologies and to constantly develop our brand and street appearance.

Here are some of the developed products that set CMS apart from our competitors.


Developed in 2008, the CMS8000 is a custom built tanker system with a triple stage 200°C steam system. The steam cleaner is coupled with 250M of lead hose for the ultimate extended working capability. The system allows the crew to effectively transit and clean safely around car parks, mall areas and footpaths without the restriction of having to refill at short intervals. The custom set also saves water compared to the industry standard pressure cleaning units with steam using 45-60% less water during its cleaning operation. The system also allows for water re-capture with the vacuum system (pictured below centre) collecting 98% of overflow water.


Developed in 2011, the ECO68 is the first of its kind in Australia. The system design utilises full sine-wave electronic operation with the cleaning system being driven without the need of industry standard diesel or petrol engines. As standard the ECO68 now comes with two triple stage 200°C steam systems plus the ability to run the system hot or cold for varying surface types.

Over and above the standard features of steam cleaning, chemical feeders, extended work ranges and 6000L onboard water storage, the ECO68 has several other major industry leading benefits. One of the greatest achievements with producing the ECO68 was it being a silenced unit. The system has been silenced down to 68Db(A) through design, as well as a series of sound barriers within the enclosed unit. At 68Db(A) the audible output is no more than the average roadside traffic noise or a domestic vacuum cleaner compared to 95Db(A) on our standard fleet.

The ECO68 system also boasts a substantial drop in our carbon footprint with cleaner energy being utilised with three less petrol driven engines per working unit. Other state of the art additions include, Electric reels for better control and work speed, improved LED lighting for safety and visibility, Improved work space access, Improved mobility with work space cameras, onboard computer terminal and ergonomic design to reduce crew fatigue.

The ECO68 is our answer to the industry problems such as noise pollution, water restrictions, onsite mobility, fuel consumption, and crew fatigue. All of which we have faced as contractors over the past 7 years.

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