Graffiti Removal

Responsive graffiti management By CMS

CMS specialises in city wide removal of Graffiti for the state government and local councils. CMS’ dedicated ute mount systems allow technicians to react promptly and remove all variables in Graffiti damage as well as GPS track the service and record the markings for reporting.

We all know that graffiti is unsightly, illegal and difficult to remove, but if you’ve been the target of a graffiti ‘artist’ what do you do? If you’ve ever tried to clean graffiti yourself, you’ll know just how difficult it can be. Not only can you end up leaving the surface a mess of smeared paint and toxic chemicals, but if you’re not careful you can ruin the surface underneath and cost yourself a fortune in repair bills to restore it to its original condition. In the end by trying to remove it yourself you end up costing your business more than double the professional graffiti removal cost in repair costs, not to mention lost productivity whilst you were trying to clean it yourself.

Don’t risk it, your first move should be to contact us here at Clean Management Solutions. We have trained experts in graffiti removal and all of our methods will clean off graffiti of any kind without damaging the original surface materials. For CMS, no graffiti removal is an issue. Don’t entrust the removal of your graffiti to an inexperienced company, the cost of having to repair surfaces that are damage by failed graffiti removal attempts using the wrong techniques will far out weigh the cost of getting an experienced and professional team to do it the first time.

At CMS we offer a full graffiti removal service to the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. We will come to you and complete a full comprehensive assessment of the damage and provide you with the most realistic and cost effective removal method to ensure quick, safe removal of the offending graffiti without damaging the original surface. All graffiti removal solutions are tailored to the individual piece of vandalism as every surface has its own unique challenges when attempting graffiti removal. CMS use only the most environmentally friendly methods available. As part of our ongoing commitment to being environmentally responsible we strive to only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions whenever possible to do so.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your public space areas won’t be the target of graffiti ‘artists’ in the future, but you can relax knowing that you can count on CMS for a quick and reliable graffiti removal service every time you need one.

As with all our services, CMS offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our workmanship and if you’re not happy then neither are we.

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