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Dedicated childcare services from CMS

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At Clean Management Solutions our business focus is partnering with Early Learning Facilities to provide safe and healthy environments for our children to thrive in. 

Dedicated Daycare Services

Initially known for our industrial pressure washing services, Clean Management Solutions has rapidly expanded and established a multiplicity of services to now offer facility management, cleaning, construction and safe space advisory services.

Our reputation as a first class, service-driven company has been forged across commercial, state government, local council, early learning and aged care industries. Our growth is a testament to our company’s commitment to a continued, solution-based approach to serving our clients’ needs.

To download our Capability Statement simply click the button below, let us know your name and email address and we will email it across to you.


An innovative, green approach to daycare services, with a commitment to being environmentally responsible.

Facility Maintenance

Clean Management Solutions offers a variety of services developed to ensure early learning facilities are safe, hazard free and run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Cleaning Services

Clean Management Solutions delivers a full range of cleaning and sanitisation services aimed at providing a clean and hygienic space for our children.

Construction Services

Clean Management Solutions offers a wide range of construction services. Working in collaboration with clients, designers and architects we aim to provide a safe and user friendly environment for staff and kids alike. 

Safe Space Advisory

Clean Management Solutions is equipped to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our children by ensuring facilities are up to date with the latest Occupational Health and Safety and Child Care regulations. Services include building safety audits, air quality testing and mould contamination testing.

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