Concrete Repairing

Specialised concrete repair services by CMS

Not only does cracked, broken and missing concrete look unsightly, it also poses a potential trip hazard for which you may be held responsible. The experienced and specialised team at CMS can repair and/or replace this concrete so your business can always put its best foot forward. If you have a concrete repair job in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast or surrounding areas then Clean Management Solutions are here to help. Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced however, that’s not always the case. In most cases the concrete can be repaired which will save money, conserve resources, and eliminate disposal problems. We come to you and complete a comprehensive analysis of the problem areas. CMS will tailor make a solution to fit your concrete repair needs.

You may think that concrete repair is as simple as throwing a bit of concrete in the problem areas and smoothing it off, however there is quite a technical component to the repair process. When repairing concrete you are attempting to get the existing concrete to accept the repair job and this requires an understanding of the existing materials and the many different methods that can be used for repairs. At CMS we repair concrete using a variety of techniques including grinding and replacement of the destroyed sections.

Prior to resurfacing taking place, for example if you were wanting to apply a stencilled concrete, then concrete repairs must be carried out to ensure successful adhesion of the coating or decorative product. Whatever your repair requirements, big or small, let CMS help you with your concrete maintenance jobs.

Concrete is used for many areas that a hard surface is required because of its load carrying capacity and low maintenance. With an appropriate maintenance strategy, concrete pavements will provide good service life. In selecting the most appropriate repair/maintenance technique, the cause of distress must be first identified. A range of corrective and/or preventative repair and restoration techniques can then be applied. There is a broad range of repair materials for spalling, potholes, rough patches and sunken slabs and therefore it is imperative that repairs are only carried out by experienced professionals. The cost of repairing the same area over and over again because the incorrect repair method was chosen the first time is a waste of resources and can end up costing much more than using the correct method in the first instance.

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