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The CMS ONE management system gives our clients real time visibility into our business. In todays world it’s not good enough to simply send a work request and wait for the invoice. Our clients expect more and we give it, through project engagement on a client login platform, progressive updates and documented results to reflect value and service.

Complete Control At Your Fingertips

With the use of the CMS ONE system, the collection of data is seamless and accurate. The onsite technicians collect the data through a series of methodical simple tests, measures and logs, to build a Life Cycle matrix on the ever-changing asset.

This collaboration of technology and expertise over a multitude of services and industries is what sets CMS apart from other service management companies.


So how does the CMS ONE system really work for our clients?

  • It offers transparency across multiple activity bases, thus resulting in improved client expectation management and third party alignments.
  • It improves service efficiencies, thus resulting in savings to the customer.
  • It allows seamless collection, collaboration and reporting of onsite data, thus resulting in combined experience and asset history to improve and mature the services.
  • It GPS monitors movement, schedules, fuel burn and material use to accurately map individual service cost feeding back the overall business impact at an environmental level.
  • It GPS tracks work units to offer real time position and progress reports so clients can act and make decisions with real time information.
  • It allows our Hub management team to serve our clients better with scheduling, feedbacks and communication across now 64 services throughout Australia.
  • And finally, it does the most important thing, the CMS ONE system allows us to do what we set out to do everyday, that is to focus on how we can improve and serve you better.

Life Cycle Matrix Management ensures service maturity.

The process of using methodically mapped and collected variables for management, over a prolonged term of an asset, is commonly known as Life Cycle matrix management. Building an asset matrix takes time. This process is achieved by a combination of information collection points specifically tailored to the asset or service variables. The adage being, that these captured learnings merged with the view for process development, results in new and realised efficiencies when it comes to the management of the asset. Its through these documented efficiencies and learnings that service maturity is achieved and capitalised on.

The following Service by Service information is collected using the CMS ONE system:

  • Building Hazard Audits
  • Sequence & Progress logging
  • Plant Growth indicator recording 
  • Street scape mapping
  • Construction materials registers
  • Graffiti registers
  • Carbon burn (Fuel recording)
  • Cost bases register
  • Street Hazard Audits
  • GPS route logging
  • Plant Coverage & Weeds register
  • Green scape mapping 
  • Asset Materials register
  • GPS tracking of teams and equipment
  • Recurring materials log
  • Customer feedback register

CMS ONE GPS tracking service

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